Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cosy Corner

We packed a picnic basket, loaded the kids into the station wagon, and headed to one of our favourite beaches to celebrate my beloved's birthday on Sunday. The wind was gusting across the bay so we nabbed a table under the peppermint trees.  The baby slept in the car while his brothers made roads through the leaves with their trucks. We ate cheese and drank ginger beer and rested amongst the tree trunks.


When Quinn woke up we walked along the shore, past the fishermen's camp, to where freshwater springs seep through the dark sands, cutting a path to the sea. While it is always protected in the shelter of the peppermints, it is this warm elbow of the bay, where fishing boats shelter in the lee of the islands, that gives Cosy Corner its name. Lewis made a dam while his dad dozed on the warm rocks, out of the wind.

I first camped at Cosy Corner the night before arriving in Albany eleven years ago to find a home. It was the first time I had used my new hiking tent, bought in my final days working at an outdoor gear shop while I finished my degree. I had just graduated from university and was moving south to take up a cadetship at a regional newspaper. The world awaited. I dreamed of overseas postings, or at the very least moving east. I found a cottage by the sea and started work, tabulating sports results and the shipping news and filing at least five stories each day.

One day a wide-eyed boy came knocking on my door. An old friend from university, he was now teaching in a tiny town just beyond the mountains that rise out of the flat plains of the Great Southern. He took me to see a band at the pub and two weeks later asked me to marry him.

We always knew that this was where we would raise our family. So it seems the right name for this blog. Our cosy corner, snug between the trees and the wide blue sea.


  1. Hey Alison! beautiful story. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for that fresh water spring if we get a chance to check out cozy corner. Can you drink it/collect it?
    Oh, and we are in Bruce Rock and loving it!

    1. Lots of springs all over the south coast and you can usually drink from them. This one tasted beautiful. Life in Bruce Rock looks good. Lovely to have a peek at your new life in the country. xx

  2. Hi Alison,
    Have just found your blog.
    We moved to the south coast from Freo a year ago too.
    We aimed for Denmark and missed unfortnately, so we're in Albany for the next year while my partner works on the new hospital construction.
    A little tough since all our "local" friends are 50km away, but a year is such a short time really.
    Perhaps we'll cross paths, I'm sure we'd have some mutual friends between Freo and the south coast...

    1. Hi Kimba. Welcome! My husband does the long commute to Albany each day, and it isn't much fun. Hope to bump into you again soon. x

  3. Loving the blog Ali! We WILL catch up one of these days... Sigh. The tyranny of long distance hey? I hear you might be headed up this way in July? We were thinking of trying Ningaloo Station, but could be coaxed into going back to Worarra. :)
    Love to the family.

    1. We are counting on seeing you guys, but there is no surf at Ningaloo! Excellent - will call you. xx


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