Friday, 6 April 2012

A good friday

Each year on Good Friday we gather our friends and family in our garden to eat hot cross buns, drink tea and chat while the children run wild. Our neighbour in Fremantle had been doing just that for the twenty years he lived in Western Australia, and he invited us around to join him in his courtyard a few weeks after we moved next door when Lewis was just a babe in arms. When he moved to Tasmania five years ago we decided to take up his tradition and make it our own.

Easter on the south coast marks the end of summer, the last days swimming at the beach, a winter chill in the evening air and the smell of woodsmoke drifting to the sea as the cottages in the valley fire up their pot bellies. In our garden the leaves are turning yellow and red and falling in soft technicolour circles around the fruit trees. There must have been thirty children flitting through the trees this morning, sliding down the slopes and carrying chickens up the hill to show their mums and dads.

I have always ordered our buns from my favourite organic bakery in South Fremantle. But after the health shop telephoned last week to let me know they would not be able to fill my order, the pressure was on to bake some just as good. The sourdough hot cross buns I made were joined by some traditional European Easter breads - beautiful bunny rabbits made by my Swiss friend Sabine, and sweet twists of Osterzopf baked by two German friends.

We sat under the trees and ate, talked and laughed and wondered where the year had gone since we had last gathered there. Like every year we were left with far too many buns. I will be eating them toasted and slathered with butter for breakfast well into winter. It is my staple diet at this time of year, along with a little chocolate and the odd tamarillo or two.

The holidays stretch before us golden and long. Happy Easter from our family to yours.


  1. What a lovely tradition. What is the name of the bakery in South Freo? (Tom's sister lives there and I will let her know) x

    1. She would know it for sure - Abhi's Organic Sourdough - right next door to Manna Wholefoods. I do miss that strip of shops!

  2. What a wonderful morning it was. Thanks for having us! xoxo


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