Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hill folk

We had a little street party this morning. Homebaked on the hill, we call it. Everyone bakes something to share and we take over the street and let the kids draw all over the kerb and road. We brewed fresh coffee, ate warm fruity sourdough bread and homemade croissants and talked about surfing, moving house, and the flu that has hit half the town. Then all the kids piled onto the back of Illya's truck and went for a joyride around the hill before everyone disappeared back into the trees again.

I am going to miss this special street of ours, with its surfers and boardshapers, artists and yogis. We have felt so welcomed and embraced by the community here. Our kids have run between each others' houses and help was always near at hand should we ever need it. But the locals have promised to invite us again next year, even though we will be calling a different hill home.

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  1. What an awesome street. So hard to leave good neighbors.


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