Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Down by the sea

We went down to the beach to take some photos for a corporate magazine. The boys climbed on the sand dunes while I snapped two burly miners fishing on their day off. We climbed over the rocks to where the spring cuts through the sand to the sea. Storm clouds gathered on the horizon. They threw handfuls of sand into the stream - it sounded like fairy music and looked like a tiny cloud when it landed. It felt so good to be outside again, breathing whole lungfuls of fresh sea air. We skipped nap-time and Quinn now lies sleeping in my arms. Dinner can wait.



  1. oh i am so enjoying your sea spray from over the interwebs.

  2. love these pictures. looks very similar to some beaches/lakes around here in late autumn.. x

  3. Hi Alison, you have a lovely little blog here! I love your wintery pics by the sea!


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