Monday, 25 June 2012

Lovely linen

Rummaging through the bottom shelf of sheets at the op shop on Saturday I unearthed a load of lovely linen from beneath the daggy doonas. Cloth napkins in a rainbow of colours to brighten our winter table (which proved very popular with the sticky fingered little house guests we had over the solstice weekend). Embroidered placemats - an entire set unused except for the top of the pile which was flecked with cat hair. I imagine they sat on the top of somebody's sideboard for many years and were the preferred resting spot for the cat of the house. Another embroidered floral placemat and a pretty apron completed my haul. I brought the lot home for $5.

You can find other flea market finds here


  1. What a lovely selection of linen, I love the embroidery in the last pic. I can never pass up the chance to add to my ever growing collection whether it be to use as intended or repurposing :)

  2. Mustard Seed? Serafine picked me up a bag full from there last week. I wonder if it was from the same lot?

    1. It definitely could have been.

  3. Beautiful collection, I love the embroidered pieces.
    Kate xx

  4. I love hand-embroidered old linens! These are really lovely--as is your whole blog. So glad I've found it.

  5. yay for the embroidered ones. They look beautiful. I love the idea of someone making them, unloved for ages, passed on and ready to be loved again.
    It's rainy and grey here, this post just make me want to go opshop hunting.

  6. Wow Alison that was a good find! I am just as excited as you at the disovery of goodies lurking under things in seconds stores. I think I would be a good team member on American Pickers!

  7. I always have a good scour in the op shops down your way when we holiday there - I love country towns for picking up lovely pre-loved treasures. Your linens are lovely, especially that pretty apron x


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