Monday, 30 July 2012


I met Tim back in January when I was studying for my Permaculture Design Certificate up the road at Living Waters. He was a writer and teacher from Victoria traveling around Australia in his van. He and his partner Lily are now living a little further up the road, acting as live-in caretakers at The Origins Centre in Balingup. Together they have created a space for local writers to come and work on their craft and help the town's youth with their writing. They have also launched an online magazine, and asked me to contribute to the first edition. Metta is a Buddhist concept that encompasses loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill and non-violence. Metta. magazine is a collection of writing inspired by observation without judgement that hopes to instil compassion. The quarterly magazine is crowd funded - you can download it for free and make a donation if you like what you read. The first edition is, appropriately enough, about beginnings. My contribution grew from a blog post about learning how to surf. There is some beautiful writing and you can find it here.

Image by Genevieve Nolan, 15.

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