Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The urchin family

We move into our new home in just over a week. I should be busy packing boxes and sorting through stuff. So naturally I feel like doing anything but. I told Darcy about the winter tide of sea urchins we had seen washed up on the beach on our walk and he wanted to get down there straight away. So we abandoned the packing for the day and made straight for the beach. Deciding which ones to bring home was hard. He counted them, then sorted them by size. And settled on five - his urchin family - a Dad, a Mum, a Lewis, a Darcy and a baby Quinn.

I emptied the bookshelves today, packing our well loved books into banana and sweet potato boxes pilfered from the supermarket's stockpile. With the shelves bare this house suddenly feels less like home. Their presence seemed to anchor us here in this room. Now they are stacked by the back door I know that we will soon follow.

It has been a source of unending anxiety for Darcy, the impermanence of our life in a rented house. He was born in the bathroom of our house in the city and, while he was only two when we moved to the south coast, he has worried about moving again and what will come with us when we do. Now he can see the books and the toys being boxed up and packaged for the short ride up the hill he can stop worrying.

Quinn smashed the urchin family today - the baby first, before he put a big hole in Lewis. Darcy is the only one still sitting, whole and untouched, out on the balcony.  Boxing all the stuff that fills our lives away, if only for a week, is a reminder of how little of it we really need. A small pile of books. A handful of sea urchins. A family. And we will all be following the truck up the hill on moving day.


  1. How so true, that we don't need much in our lives.
    All the very best with your move up the hill. :)

  2. Much nicer way to spend a day. I love that last shot :) Happy packing.


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