Monday, 30 July 2012

winter sunshine

My sister came down to visit us on the weekend. Our first guest in our new home - and the only one who will comfortably fit in my study without crowding me out of my writing space. We shared a room ourselves for many years, so she doesn't mind me wandering in and out. It feels suddenly terribly spacious in here now that the sofa bed is folded away again. The boys loved having their Aunty Jen here to play with and shower them with attention. We walked around the river and into town for coffee, had long leisurely meals and drank red wine while the boys kicked a ball around and the sun dipped behind the karri trees. On Sunday we headed for an inlet a little way along the coast. Clambering down the sand dunes the boys charged straight for the water, stomping through the foam. Aunty Jen kicked the football with Lewis while I headed out for a surf. Then we picnicked in the clear, bright winter sunshine.


  1. Replies
    1. The water is still surprisingly warm, and the sunshine was glorious. I fully expected to freeze in the wind, but it felt almost summery.

  2. oh looking at your photos makes me feel like spring is on the way! just lovely :-) xx

    1. Winter returned with a blustery blow today but I can almost smell spring too!

  3. I had a wonderful time and will hopefully be down again soon. Jen X


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