Friday, 17 August 2012

Cold feet

Our home is laid from front door to back verandah with beautiful old jarrah floorboards. The boys have been pulling on one pair of socks over another and sliding down its long hallways. I love the ease of sweeping again after lugging our vacuum cleaner upstairs and downstairs following trails of toast crumbs through the vast carpeted space of our cavernous rental. There is a joy in keeping this lovely space of ours clean that was completely lacking for me there. It was only once we moved that I realised how important aesthetics are for my heart and soul. Everywhere I turn here there is something that makes my heart sing. This cottage is smaller but it is well proportioned and its fits us like a glove. There is no wasted space. Every belonging has found its allotted corner - there were even three hooks waiting for our boys' bath towels. Time and again I have found myself thinking 'it was meant to be.' This house was waiting for us, I am certain of it.

But floorboards, even beautiful, wide, old ones, do let in the winter chill. My feet - which are cold at the best of times - are never without a pair of woolly slippers, socks or ugg boots. I requested child sized ugg boots for Quinn and Lewis' birthdays and Nana was happy to oblige. There is an ugg boot workshop just down the road, where lambs gambol in the lush green paddocks and we try not to think too hard of their fate. After seeing the birthday boots and giving it a great deal of thought, Darcy, my barefoot boy, decided that he might even like a pair too. So back we went to wade through shelves of fleece and leather to find the perfect pair. He wears them sometimes, with the boardies and t-shirt which is his uniform on the coldest of winter days. But they mustn't ever get dirty, so more often than not he just carries them, or leaves them tucked under his bed.


  1. Isn't carpet the worst?! Cold feet and cold hands, I suffer too. I really want to install hydronic slab heating when we build, but might not fit the budget, my stockpile woolen workman socks are doing a good job though.

  2. Floorboards here too and I'm always with a pair of house socks on or my good old uggies. I might have to grab Grace a pair when we're down your way soon.

    Your house definitely sounds like the perfect fit for you all and from the tale of the three hooks waiting for you, it was definitely meant to be :)

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. We're in the midst of our first proper (NSW) country winter. All of my girls are clad each day in ugg boots. I'm yet to get myself a pair and am wearing out the soles of countless pairs of socks, sometimes two at a time, and still I have cold toes. Definitely for next winter, definitely. This is a lovely blog, I'm so pleased to have found it x

  4. I love that your little one carries his uggs so that he doesn't get them dirty. It made me smile :) We brought ourselves some uggs made in Fremantle a few weeks ago. My first pair! And I wonder how on earth I managed 35 years without them. They make the cold bearable, no?

    Loving your stories. x

    1. PS. Alison, I've nominated you for a little blog award. I totally understand if you want to ignore it...I did for about six months when Greer sent it to me ;) But I'm glad I just wanted to let you know that you've got a cool thing happening here! x

  5. I am so happy for you that you have found a special place in your new home.
    We have floor boards, and tiles. It is impossible to walk around without socks and slippers. x


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