Friday, 31 August 2012

The capes

I bundled the kids into the car last week and headed west, to the limestone coast of the capes. It is a tradition we started a while ago, when Lewis was just a baby. At the end of each winter we make the pilgrimage to our friends' old holiday house nestled in the bush high above the bay. My good friend Jess and our kids spend a few days hanging out in the trees, building cubbies out of fallen branches, making fires and exploring the nearby beaches. Every afternoon we scoot down the road to gather loaves of Yallingup Woodfired Bread hot from the oven, cradling the paper packages in our laps for the short drive home where they are quickly devoured with pots of homemade soup and local cheeses. We take no toys with us - just a small pile of books, pencils and crayons. The kids make their own fun. We spent a happy hour tearing down the big sand dune at Indjidup. Quinn found a beautiful cuttlefish boat under a ti-tree at the top - two sticks and a feather sail pushed into its soft underbelly with a twisted shell for a steering wheel. He played with it for hours.


  1. It looks like they had heaps of fun. I bet they were exhausted after playing on those sand dunes!

    Indjidup is one of my fave beaches. Have you been to the natural spa there? It's between Indjidup and Wyadup (so at the far right end of the beach). It's pretty amazing to swim in. Your kids would love it.

    1. I have never turned right, the dune always pulls us the other way! We will definitely check it out next year. x

  2. wow, i want to do that! looks awesome :)


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