Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Water, water everywhere

It has rained, and it has rained, and it has rained. One of the wettest winters on record for us on the south coast. The rivers have swelled over their banks and the inlet has risen steadily until it has almost reached the ocean. The diggers are moving in tomorrow and cutting a channel through to the sea but we decided to take one last look at all that water before it starts draining into the big blue.

We pulled on our gumboots and stomped around the sodden grass, almost making it over the little bridge before the water breached the top of our gumboots and we retreated for higher ground. Darcy and I pulled off our boots and went barefoot instead, walking around the channel to Ocean Beach to see the narrow strip of beach that still separates the two bodies of water, my boys running bare bottomed across the sand. It started to rain so we ducked up a surfers' track to take a short cut back to the car. We pushed our way through a snarl of sword grass and peppermint scrub which at times swallowed up Darcy in a tangle of vines and leaves. Half an hour later I was still pushing my way through with a child on each hip, my toes bleeding where the sword grass had sliced through. We emerged into the sunshine at the lookout to some very surprised looks from the surfers surveying the swell. Back home we had a midday bubble bath, hot chocolate and tea to warm our bones.

I paddled the kayak down the river to the inlet on Sunday, stopping to pick armfuls of wattle and swamp bottlebrush from the banks. It is so still and quiet on the water. Just the dip of my paddle and the call of the birds and frogs swelling with the breeze. The flowers now stand in preserving jars dotted around the house while the rain thrums down on the roof and we wait for the next break in the storm clouds.


  1. We are usually down your way each year during winter and always eagerly take a drive to see if the inlet and ocean have yet met :) Glad to hear you've had our lots of rain down your way - will be beautiful and green when we head down for a little holiday soon... can't wait! Your description of paddling down the river sounds like such a beautiful way to spend some quiet time x

    1. I will be sure to say hi if I spot you on the street Amanda! Make sure you pack your wet weather gear. x

  2. Elliot would have loved to see the opening of the cut! I had hoped it would be on Friday before we left.

    Your fresh flowers look beautiful. Look forward to catching up when we return.

    rachel xo

  3. you manage to romanticise the most unlikely things in such a lovely way with your words. love the beeswax candle in the picture - i think the smell is one of my favourites. x


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