Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Down on the farm

We followed the sun north through the wheatbelt and pulled in at my parents' farm gate for a week of egg collecting, mulberry picking and riding bikes through the dirt. I read a big, fat and wonderful book from cover to cover whilst wandering from the sun drenched verandah to the couch and my bed. The boys circled the house at walking pace, heaped around their father on the quad bike - and went considerably faster on two wheels down the dusty hill track. We drove past the old farmhouse where we lived many moons ago, and stopped to play in the playground that time forgot nestled in the bush there.

It was a chance for us all to breathe out after a long term of work and not enough play. Months where it felt like we were just treading water to keep afloat. Now the sun has returned and we are swimming again - great leisurely strokes through these magical weeks of holiday.


  1. Sounds just perfect. To sit and read a book from cover to cover...dream.

  2. That sounds beautiful. I'm hoping for just such a break very soon. (Also loving all that lavender) xx

  3. Beautiful photos. Now that you're settled...I hope that swimming feeling continues :) x


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