Tuesday, 27 November 2012

summer knitting for an autumn babe

It seems a bit silly to be knitting woolen bonnets when summer is just around the corner, but I thought I had best notch up some knitting days while the weather still permits. I made another one of these in cream bamboo, then decided to switch back to wool. For this will be an autumn babe, after all. So a rich, orange russet blend of cashmere, merino and silk, teamed with a hand turned wooden button from the Goldfields it was. The bonnet slipped off my needles in one afternoon of knitting last week. It is tiny and beautiful but I think will still swim on a newborn's head. So that is one in the bag for next winter.

While I was reluctant to start making things for this baby too soon, passing the half way mark of this pregnancy last week - combined with several visits from the postman with paper parcels full of inspiration - spurred me into action. And while most of our days are still spent outside, it does feel so good to sit down and put my feet up. With a little boy snuggled sleepily by my side and this little one kicking happily inside me (as it does whenever it feels a brother close by) it is my favourite way to spend the evening.


  1. Absolute cuteness :) What a blessed baby. Your evenings sound serene. So glad you're putting your feet up and enjoying all the little moments. xx

  2. What a precious little bonnet, so lovingly created by its mama :) Glad you're managing to rest during your days x

  3. my mum's a knitter - i often reap the benefits.. and I can just picture you knitting in the evening, just like Mum does when I go home. It's the quieter time of day, a chance for me to chat with her.. Just lovely. xx

    ps. I have cotton/bamboo blend sheets on my bed - it is sooooo luxurious!

    pps. love the orange bonnet. x

  4. Gorgeous creations. I love knitting but Ive never learned to finish garments so have a whole lot of half finished projects!

    1. I abhor stitching up things at the end, which is why both these are seamfree. They appear on the needles like magic and all I want to do is finish them once they start to take shape.

  5. Oh, those are perfect. I adore the colours. I wish i could knit. Though i couldn't stand it at the moment in the heat. What a lucky baby.


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