Friday, 1 February 2013

Slowing down

For a year in which I have declared my mantra to be one of slowness, the first month did slip by rather fast. It started with a flurry of visitors and celebrations and peaked with us ripping out our kitchen and sharing our home with what felt like hordes of tradesmen (although they numbered only four, in rather a small space). But it was only once I hopped in the car and drove north in silence that I felt like I was slowing down - while traveling at 110kmh - as I passed through sun scorched paddocks to the summer haze of the big city.

A night alone in the city visiting friends and new babies and catching a festival film beneath the stars at my old university was reason enough to get excited, but the airport was my true destination. The next morning I climbed on board a little plane with my Mum by my side and together we jetted across the sea to Bali, for four nights of unbroken sleep, morning massages and afternoons idled away by the pool.

It was my first visit to Indonesia and the first time I had spent more than a night away from my boys. I took long baths, showered beneath a towering forest canopy of giant bamboo, read a wonderful novel from cover to cover and watched the birds and squirrels flitting through the treetops from the daybed on my balcony. There was no phone to answer, no internet to check emails, and no one's needs to attend to beside my own. We would head out to explore the town each morning, then retreat to the resort while the monsoon drenched the forest and fishponds and mossy paths that surrounded us. I did manage to get one call through to my family halfway through our stay, anxious to hear how my babies were coping without me. They were, of course, fine.

But creeping into their bedroom at midnight to kiss their sleeping faces after the long journey back home may well have been the sweetest moment of all. Climbing back into my own bed beside my beautiful husband and listening to the wind tossed karri trees outside. I would trade any tropical paradise for this home of ours in a heartbeat. And while life ticks along as normal a week later, with Grant back at work and the bigger boys soon to follow him back to school, I feel like I have carried a little of that slowness of the tropics home with me.


  1. Oh darling! It sounds wonderful, both the trip and the homecoming. Slow, slow...yes sounds good! I want to see pics of the kitchen too!

    1. I'm just waiting on Grant to finish the painting before I take photos. It is wonderful though - light and bright and so good to cook in. I am loving it!

  2. that looks so lush - and I know what you mean. sometimes the best part of going away is coming home with new eyes again. lovely! x

  3. Beautiful Alison. What a perfect time to go.
    How are you feeling these days?
    A warm belly rub to you.

  4. What fun! I agree with you though, the best part is always coming home :)


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