Thursday, 21 March 2013


I'm not straying far from home these days. All my babies have been born around the 36 week mark and I am very nearly there. Pregnancy insomnia has me lying awake in the early hours of most mornings examining every muscular ache and twinge for signs of labour. Aside from a run of contractions a few nights' ago I think this baby is happy to stay put for a few days' longer. Which is a good thing because I haven't quite finished feathering our nest and I have some painting to oversee from my position on the couch with my feet up this weekend...

Our baby came into being in the month after we moved into our own home here on the south coast, so the entire pregnancy has been given over to nesting of one kind or another. The kitchen is very nearly finished (but not quite ready to photograph...) and I have turned my eye to the laundry - a gloomy corner beneath the house which reminds me of a bush camp. I have set up a changing and bathing area in its brightest corner - a basket of nappies tucked into the mud bricks beneath the roughly hewn timber bench. We have fixed up some old windows to install over the troughs but I have abandoned the idea of that happening before the baby is born.

Instead I am soaking up these last few days with my little boys and holding my baby close in the knowledge that he will soon be a big brother and suddenly seem so very grown up. Quinn is very excited about meeting the baby and asks every day whether the baby will like certain things he says or does. He even stopped saying "bum bum" every second sentence because "the baby don't like that." He is so gentle with my belly and kisses it each day, stroking the baby as we lie in bed each night singing nursery rhymes together.