Monday, 29 April 2013


We cocooned ourselves inside, away from the world, for the first week of Thea's life on the outside. Every evening a friend has dropped off a home-cooked meal; nourishing us with soups and stews and homemade bread. The rain drummed down on our tin roof and when the sun came out it cast long autumnal shadows through the woodsmoke that drifted through the karri trees. We sat on the verandah and read storybooks and gazed at our little girl. I felt engulfed in a haze of happiness.

One week after she was born we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. The boys spent the day playing with Grandma while we dressed up and headed out for a romantic lunch at a winery, just the three of us. And we remembered how such things were possible with just one wee little newborn sleeping in her capsule, and reminisced about the restaurants we used to walk to in the city with Lewis sleeping in the pram nearly eight years ago. It feels like a lifetime (and that it is, to him), and yet it has passed in the blink of an eye.

My mum and dad made a fleeting visit from the city to meet Thea while she was still so very small. They brought with them bags filled with pink presents for their first granddaughter. And beautiful handmade wooden boards from a friend in Germany, who had carved each of our boys one emblazoned with their name. We ate sausages in the sunshine and listened to the music from the ANZAC Day march drifting up the hill, before we had to wave goodbye to them again too soon.

We went to bed early and lazed around in bed until late. And watched our boys falling in love with their little sister. It is a beautiful thing to see.


  1. Every precious moment you've described sounds perfect! Enjoy the newborn bliss x

  2. Four is just the perfect number. They look gorgeous together.

  3. that last picture is just so perfect. x

  4. this is so beautiful, congratulations on your baby girl! Yes, I can completely relate to you with my three boys and this sudden little bundle of a girl joining our family. and what a wonderful sight it is watching your boys fall completely and utterly in love with their baby sister. enjoy..x

  5. Beautiful. That precious babymoon time is so important.


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