Thursday, 4 April 2013


My bag has been packed for more than a week as I find myself drifting through these last days, weeks, perhaps month of pregnancy. I am now 37 weeks pregnant. I believe that is considered full term in medical circles. It is a stage of pregnancy I have never experienced before, and never thought to reach. I remember feeling cheated out of that last month the first time around, so perhaps this is my reward. A baby who is happy to wait at last.

I was already having contractions when a group of dear women friends gathered around me three weeks ago to buoy my spirits and surround me with love (much like last time) as I prepared for birth. Their beads are strung on a necklace which I wear around my neck each day and drape around the candles on my bedside table when I climb into bed each night. But having reached and passed the 36 week mark at which my three boys were all born, the contractions have faded. And with them all certainty I had that this baby was coming, and coming soon. It feels like I could go on being pregnant forever, forgetting about the baby still growing inside me save for when an especially forceful kick reminds me of its presence.

The extra time has allowed me to surrender to the unknown; to give myself over to the mystery of birth. To accept that this baby will be born wherever and whenever it chooses. After two beautiful home births in the city I struggled with the idea of heading back to hospital this time around. And if the baby comes quicker than its brothers there is a chance we may not make it to the nearest maternity ward. I just have to trust that my body and my baby will find the right time and place to mark this next major transition. Whenever you are ready, baby. I can't wait to meet you...


  1. you sound so grounded, so ready. happy days of anticipation to you.. and what a beautiful collection of beads. x

  2. Id heard rumours you weren't at school drop off today and naturally jumped to conclusions. But then sam said he saw you driving down the hill when he was out this morning. . . and now here you are blogging! At this rate we just might get a catch up in next week!

    rachel xo

  3. Oh darling, welcome to this new world! Having gone 5 days over with Luka and 2 weeks with Finn I feel especially experienced in the waiting for baby time. It is such a strangely passive yet emotionally intense time. I know you'll manage it with your gentle grace x

  4. Babies! No matter how many we already have, they can still teach us something new.
    Are you heading all the way to Albany? I was worried we might have to make a mad dash to Bunbury with Rosie, her hospital birth was the polar opposite of the previous homebirths. It was however lovely, gentle and respectful. Plus they made me plenty of hot milos while I enjoyed the few days rest.

    Much love and luck
    Laura (in Margaret River)

    1. Thanks Laura. Albany is the nearest maternity ward, but I need more than an hour to get myself in the door (and I really don't want to birth roadside). So the baby will decide where it lands. And I think I will come straight home again but those milos sound tempting!

  5. Hi Alison,
    What excellent news. I haven't visited your space in a very long time it would seem. The last update I read was about your new home, then my computer screen broke & I forgot all about reading blogs.
    What delightful news. I'm slow to congratulate you, but my congratulations are heartfelt. I hope you have a beautiful birth.
    Love Kimba

  6. Alison I've been thinking a lot about you wondering whether the time for this little one was here.
    If you still have a beautiful round belly, wishing you a magical birth.
    If you are already cradling your little one, enjoy this magical time, (either way an incredibly special time.)


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