Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Above the trees

This is our third winter living back on the south coast, and the second year we have not fled north for the winter holidays. Last year because we were moving house, and this year because we have a new baby who I suspect would not appreciate the three days in a car it takes to get to the tropics from these parts.

For many years my family would hook up the boat and head up the Great Northern Highway each July, not stopping until we reached Ningaloo for two weeks in the sun. And while given a choice I would still hit the road in search of red dirt, blue water and sunshine, winter in the southern forests has grown on me. It isn't until spring that I find myself really longing for sun and warmth once more.

Our holiday at home was a chance to slow down and recover from winter colds and a busy term. We didn't have many things planned, but we did want to climb a peak that we have been meaning to get up for years. After two attempts were thwarted by bouts of illness we finally made it up with my brother and his little boy on the last day of the holidays. It was possibly the coldest place to change a nappy in the entire south west (and the kids were terribly under dressed) but the views to the ranges inland and back to the coast were amazing. And just getting above the trees was enough to recharge my solar batteries for a little while longer.


  1. We normally head down your way for our holidays :) This time, we too spent the school break at home with on and off colds which we all just can't seem to shake! What a view from your spot where you went for a hike! Hope you've all settled back into the new school term well and that your sweet little girl is going well xx

  2. I just love that part of the world. We were nearly that far south this last school holidays but not quite. Such gorgeous photos.

  3. Look at that wild landscape, gorgeous part of the world.


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