Thursday, 18 July 2013

After the storm

The boys were sleeping over at Grandma's house when the storm hit. It buffeted our house on the hill all through the night and I snuggled in close to my baby as the wind howled and thumped around the verandahs. I think there would likely have been three extra bodies in the bed had they been home.

Pulling the curtains open to survey the damage in the morning, Grant noticed the light streaming though our front windows before he spotted the big old gum tree that had been torn up by its roots and sent tumbling into the paddocks across the road. Fortunately the resident horses had not spotted their escape route before the gaps were roped off.

The boys were out this morning examining the big hole in the ground where once a mighty marri stood. We are all feeling a little sad for its loss, but rejoicing in the extra morning sunshine now shining down on us from the north. It is a year since we moved in and the photo voltaic panels we installed on our roof soon after are now buzzing with those early morning rays.

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  1. Wow. That is one enormous old tree! Firewood for a couple of years.. Or some floorboards, or a cubby house...!,


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