Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sea foam and salt spray

I have been nurturing hopes of getting back in the water these holidays. So when the sun came out this week we strapped the boards to the roof rack, piled the kids into the car and headed out to one of our favourite breaks. The tide was so high when we got there that there was no chance of getting the car onto the beach and around the bay - the waves were crashing into the dunes as each new set rolled in. Instead we ventured around the headland and took one look at the swell before deciding that a walk might be more our scene. The boards stayed on the car and we watched the dark wetsuit clad figures bobbing around the bay before striking out towards the rockpools at the other end of the beach. A pod of whales cruised past, spouting misty plumes of spray. Thea slept snuggled against my body in her sling while the boys collected rocks and shells and clambered over the lichen covered rocks and scrubby dunes to get a better view of the whales. And it didn't matter one whit that we did not get to surf. The winter sunshine and sea spray and the sand between our toes were every bit as rejuvenating.


  1. Beautiful. Is that a whale in the second photo? We've been spending winter walking the beaches too. It's quiet, local and full of fun stuff to do.

    1. There were at least five of them in the pod but that was the closest we got to a photo - a puff of sea mist. I do love the beach in winter - the open horizon is good for the soul.

  2. What a beautiful post Alison.

  3. Sounds like a magical way to spend the day.

  4. Such gorgeous photos
    And a whale
    The southern coast of WA is similar to here - powerful and lonely and wonderful


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