Friday, 19 July 2013

Three months

A newborn no longer, Thea is all smiles and dimples and chubby thighs. She is truly the most delightful baby; content to lie back and watch the hustle and bustle of family life, but so very chatty when attention is focused on her. She coos and gurgles with an intensity of expression that can tell a whole story already. (I think that Quinn understands her best, with one foot still in infancy although the other is firmly planted in boyhood.) Thea is much more verbal than any of her brothers were at her age - one of those gender differences inherent from birth. She still spends much of each day nestled in her sling, but is coming out into the world much more and enjoying her time there. She is big and strong and seems much older somehow than three months; holding her head up at birth, rolling over at four weeks and too tall for her newborn clothes by six weeks of age. I am hoping that she won't grow up so very fast, but savouring each moment with her just in case she does.


  1. She has such knowing eyes. So beautiful.

  2. She is divine. I love her expression in the second photo. You must be very busy with four little ones but I love your calm writing style. Xx

  3. Yes, that smile in the second photo! So sweet :) Three months already! I know people says it goes so fast, and it does, but I have to stop worrying about it because I'm nostalgic for this time and it hasn't even passed. I get scared and feel like I've missed it already and I'm in the middle of it. I suppose it's all about slowing down and really taking in the little moments instead of thinking of all the things needing doing.
    What kind of sling are you using? I've found a wheatbelt baby wearers group that meets near here and I'm all about wovens now. I know they got mentioned back at that Fremantle mothers group when Charlie was a baby but I never looked into it, probably lucky really, they can be so addicting!

    1. I've been using mainly my Storchenweige, which I have had since Quinn was born. We try to leave the car at home as much as we can, so she rides against my chest and I push Quinn in the pram. I have a Maya Wrap ringsling for quick trips from the car to shop and around the house. Woven wraps are definitely my favourite and I love to wear my babies on my back once they are old enough, where they can ride high and take in the world around them, and sleep on my shoulder. I hear you on the nostalgia. They do grow up so fast.

  4. She is adorable Alison! I especially love her expression in the second photo... precious xx


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