Thursday, 4 July 2013

Three of a kind

Sometimes I find myself staring at this beautiful baby girl of mine and I feel like I am falling through time, back to when her big brothers were born. I watch her and am transported back to a moment I had thought forgotten with the curl of a lip or wave of an arm. The way her head turns towards the clean winter light with that dreamy look in her eye. Sometimes I find myself reaching for the camera to snap the same image over and over again.

From top: Thea eight weeks old, Lewis eight weeks old, Quinn 12 weeks old.


  1. Just gorgeous Alison... I love the way the same adorable knitted vest features in the first and last shot too. Thea is just adorable!! Hope all is well down your way xx

  2. this is so lovely - I really like family resemblances. Recently, I saw a memoir my Grandad wrote for my late Grandma (she died aged 45) ages ago but he's recently gone through and put a whole lot of photos of my Dad's family growing up through it. It's really nice to look at the pictures and spot uncanny resemblances of Dad to my brothers and some of his sisters to me and my sister. Ahh, families. xx

  3. So lovely to have these beautiful pictures. Keep snapping away Alison.


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