Monday, 19 August 2013

Four months

Thea is four months old today and lies sleeping in our bed with two of her big brothers (Darcy is home sick from school), as I write. She is chuckling (especially when I nibble on her deliciously chunky thighs) and learning to use her hands. She picked up her first toy yesterday. She has lost nearly all of her baby hair. She rides high on my back in her sling, and sits happily in the jogger with Quinn while I run through the dripping winter forest. She is my constant companion and I am loving these little glimpses into the person she will grow to be.


  1. She's a cutie, yes! Love her Milo too x

  2. So sweet. We have some magnificent thighs over here too. I haven't nibbled on them but I do marvel at them :)
    Is it a girl baby thing? Charlie didn't have them.

    1. Definitely not just a girl thing. Lewis was the only one of my babes to escape the thigh rolls. I do love them so. You should try a nibble, really!


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