Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Across the road

There is a beautiful old fig tree in the paddock across the road. Beneath its gnarled limbs, which stretch down to the ground, there is a sun dappled cavern where the children clamber and climb and swing on the old tyre that still dangles there.  The boys are all terrified of the (very friendly) horses who call the paddock home, so they will only venture across with me by their side. But once they are inside the tree they feel safe.

Another week of rain and howling winds has left us all with a good dose of cabin fever. So once the sun came out after school yesterday I told the boys to dress up warm and we pushed our way through the windswept grass to the best 'playground' we could possibly ask for. The horses galloped up to meet us, sending the boys screaming back under cover, but Thea was nonplussed as they nuzzled her feet and pushed their hairy noses in her face. They have been curious about this baby girl since she was floating inside me. I think she just might grow up a friend to the gentle beasts.


  1. Does it give you delicious fig too? The horses nuzzling Thea's feet is the sweetest.

  2. No figs that we can eat - it is a Port Jackson fig I think. We have found some of our Aracauna hen's blue egg shells scattered around its base from the cheeky crows who were stealing them, so I think the local birds will be feasting there once the fruit ripen.


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