Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Out the door

The calendar flipped over to September and just like that winter was gone. The sunshine called us all outside, doors and windows open wide to the warmth. We have turned off the heater and are sunning ourselves on the verandah once more, the horses in the paddock across the road keeping us company. The sun is back where it was the week after Thea was born - I tracked its progress across the winter skies and back above the treeline with her ever-present clothesline of nappies. We are barefoot and short-sleeved and celebrated the change in season (and Fathers' Day) with our first fire outside since autumn. The boys climbed the fig tree to check on the fruit and transformed the wood heap into a fort - complete with lilies. We cooked sausages and damper in the coals then toasted marshmallows as the stars came out.


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  2. Thea is just adorable, as is your whole sweet little family. I love seeing what's been happening down your way. We've had more spring-like weather here lately too, although a day of downpours yesterday still felt like winter :)

  3. Oh I wish we could be doing the same, only the rain hasn't let up for 3 weeks now! I'll have to settle on living vicariously though your post....sounds perfect.

  4. Oh Thea, you are just so very sweet.
    Spring raised her head and then seems to have disappeared again. Back to scarves and jackets, where two days ago we were in the 30's. I don't mind though, not a whisker. I happen to like scarves.

  5. hello Alison. Just read your blog as suggested by Rhonda Jean & enjoyed your pictures, but hey here in Denmark, winter is still well and truly present!!!! That's just down the road from you too, I think the touch of spring was short lived. We still have a fire most evenings, there is washing hung on the verandah for several days at a time & I am mindful of keeping the umbrella in the car always. Not that I am complaining at all. This rain water is so precious & we wouldn't have karri trees growing here if there was less rain.

    1. Oh winter is still here, I know it. But for a few, tantalisingly brief days it did feel like spring. And I haven't felt inclined to post an update on the days spent trapped back indoors. I do feel grateful for all the rain, and just try to slip a few more seeds in the ground whenever the sun comes out.

  6. Visiting from Down-to-Earth. This is indeed a cosy corner. what a wonderful view, i love the way you think and write about your family and your life x


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