Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Big city threads

We're off to Melbourne on the weekend - Thea, Grant and I. And I am just starting to pull together all we will need for our weekend in the city, starting with an outfit for Thea to wear to her very first wedding. All those pretty dresses of hers are off limits while she is crawling - her knees get caught and she cannot get anywhere in a hurry. These simple sewn children tops and bottoms, a pattern by Wendy Hanson from Made by hand, should be more practical (but still pretty) I hope. Although I am looking at the weekend forecast and wondering whether I still have time to make a pair of long pants as a back up.

We are dropping the boys off at the farm and heading straight to the airport from there. I know they are going to have as much fun as we are, exploring the city with our little one. Tractors and motorbikes and chickens and cows beat urban cafes, shopping and adult conversation any day of the week in their opinion. It has been so long since we have spent any time away from our little town. It is going to be amazing!


  1. How exciting! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and be sure to take a photo of your gorgeous girl in her outfit (those pants above are adorable!) xx

  2. Oh yay, I'm beyond jealous. You'll have a ball as will the kids on the farm! Enjoy


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