Wednesday, 5 March 2014


What a strange and wonderful thing, to wake up in a hotel room cloaked in the anonymity of the big city, with a whole weekend before us to explore it with just one baby in our arms. We decided to take just the smallest of bites of Melbourne, walking around the streets and gardens of Fitzroy before the wedding that had taken us to the other side of the country. Wandering through shops and stopping to eat whenever the fancy took us - in keeping with the three hour time difference which we never really got on top of for the three days we were there. And I remembered for a moment the lure of the metropolis; the pulse of the big city which seems so far away now from the life in the country that we have chosen.

Thea helped calm my nerves by jostling for the microphone as I read some words I had penned for one of my oldest and dearest friends on her wedding day. I hoped the cute baby on my hip might distract the crowd. I always find weddings so uplifting. Who can help but be buoyed by the love and joy in the air? I still have the words of the gospel song we ended the ceremony with ringing in my head: "Love brought me here. Joy brought me here. I'm gonna sing while I'm here, today." I am still singing.