Tuesday, 22 July 2014

two little pixies

I finished knitting my second attempt at a pixie hat for Thea not long before we left for the big skies and red dirt of the Gascoyne. Tying the bonnet around my baby's sweet little face,  I was happy to find I had at last made a hat she could not (immediately) rip off her head. I tucked the beautiful teal bonnet I had knitted her away in the cupboard, after trying to unsuccessfully wrestle it onto Quinn's head on more than one occasion. He was not happy to oblige. So I was quite delighted when Darcy, the most elfin of my children, asked where it was and then took to wearing it everywhere.

I let Darcy take charge of packing his case for our road trip and was dismayed to find on our first morning that he had neglected to include a single jumper. He did, however, pack three different hand knitted beanies, and took to wearing them, one on top of the other, to ward off the early morning desert chill. It was only once I was casting off the stitches for my second little pixie hat that I realised I had made the pixie point on the first one twice as long as it was supposed to be. His pom-pom fitted inside the pixie point quite nicely.

Both little pixies ravelled here.


  1. The hats are so sweet. They really do make them look like pixies. :)

  2. Oscar is getting SO much use out of his. It featured heavily in Melbourne!

    rachel xo

    1. I am so glad! It is nice to know that their ears are warm too. xx


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