Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kennedy Range

Half way between Mt Augustus and the coast, the Kennedy Range rises abruptly out of the flat plains. About 60km north of Gascoyne Junction, itself the tiniest of blips on the map, the ancient rocks that make up the small gorge system were once part of the ocean floor. You can still find fossils embedded in the rock, each layer like a window into another age. The gorge walks are all fairly short, but it can get hot inside the walls of rock in the midday sun. We stuck to early morning and afternoon for our forays into the canyons.

We found ourselves camped next to friends of friends from the southern forests, and the boys all remember the range as their favourite stop because of the fun they had playing with their three-year-old daughter. Spears were made, with rocks lashed to their tips. Many rocks were thrown into the pockmarked walls of Honeycomb Gorge. And baby - Thea's doll scavenged from the op-shop before we left home, who became the family mascot for the trip - was hurled around the campsite in a weird hybrid of football and happy families. She finished the trip stained a deep ochre, and was thrown into the washing machine with one of the dozen or so loads waiting to be shuffled through the laundry when we reached home.

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