Monday, 6 October 2014

Back on the farm

Another term done, it was time to head north again for some sunshine. A few days in the city were followed by some down time on the farm, where the mulberries were just starting to ripen.

Lewis' legs had grown long enough to learn to ride the quad bike, and he headed off on expeditions around the farm with Grant - Quinn and Darcy sprawled behind him. 

He spotted a bearded dragon on one of his circuits around the farm house. It let us examine it for a while before it took to its hind legs and launched itself off into the long grass in the orchard.

The boys drew up maps of their spy base in the haystack, where Darcy found a mad haterpillar of his very own (just like in this book).  

I baked scones, picked mulberries, and lazed around in the sunshine reading this book from cover to cover. Which called me home, back to the south coast. Where my summer vegetable seedlings were just starting to peek through the warming earth, the ducks and chickens waiting for me at their gate. Where the smell of freshly baked bread and muffins now wafts through our little cottage, as we shelter from the chill while the sun hides behind the clouds. I've banked enough sunshine in my bones to take me through to summer now. I'll take all the spring showers the sky is happy to give us.


  1. Good I needed a new book. Thanks lovely :-) and clad you've recharged.

    1. Thanks Brydie. I just finished reading The Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks, and would definitely recommend it. I'm still looking for a copy of Dead Lucky, I am sure it will pop up in a second hand bookshop for me one day!


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