Sunday, 2 October 2016

Windy Harbour

It was a beach holiday of sorts, but we didn't pack our bathers. Or our tent, or any of our camping gear for that matter. The forecast has been bleak these holidays, and our camping plans were scrapped in favour of a quick getaway around the coast; where we enjoyed one day of glorious sunshine between hailstorms.

Windy Harbour was surprisingly tranquil the morning after our arrival, and we walked on the empty beach and played cricket in the sunshine out the back of our beach shack. Back through the trees and around the twisting curves of the Warren River we drove until we emerged on the great drifts of snowy white sand dunes that are piled up against the forest near the river's mouth.  We leapt and rolled down the steepest of the dunes, getting rather dizzy and disoriented in the process, then piled back into the car for a bumpy ride to the beach where the boys staged an impromptu foam party in the waves. Thea kicked around in the tannin stained waters of the river mouth and Quinn drew circles around every thing he could find on the beach that came from the sea.

After a stormy night the ocean was transformed into a broiling mass of turbulence and white caps. The wind turbine over the settlement's tiny store was spinning so fast it looked like it was ready to launch from its post and cartwheel away over the fishermen's houses and holiday shacks. We drove out to Point D'Entrecasteaux and watched the sea foaming on both sides of the peninsula, then turned the car around and headed for home, stopping to walk through the karri forest in Walpole when the rain let up for a little while.

I adore Windy Harbour. I have a soft spot for shack towns, and love to wander around picking out my favourite and imagining what I would do with it if it was mine. There aren't many places left like it now, although they used to be dotted up and down the coast. None of us really wanted to leave, as bleak and stormy as it had become. With a log fire and a pile of boardgames back at the shack we could happily have stayed for a week. We'll be back.