I first fell in love with the south coast, and the man who would become my husband, when I was posted to a provincial newspaper here as a cadet journalist. After ten years back in the city, working for a big daily newspaper and then freelance once the babies started to arrive, we  moved home. Home to where the Karri trees grow straight and tall, their white trunks reaching to the waters' edge. Where the boom of the breakers echoes up the valley as the Southern Ocean pounds the coast, and the granite headlands glow orange with lichen beneath a steely grey sky.

We live a simple, green life in this little slice of paradise. We try to grow some of our own food and are always striving to become more self sufficient. The earth here is rich and abundant, and the rainfall steady, so eating locally is easy. Since becoming a mother I have learned to knit and sew and I love the satisfaction that comes from making things. I like to cook and bake. I have learned how to surf and find great peace on the waves. I also love to write.

This space is a place to chronicle our life here and the things that make it special. Cosy Corner is the name of one of our favourite beaches, but also reflects the sense of homecoming Grant and I felt moving back. We have three boys - Lewis, Darcy, and Quinn. They were joined by their baby sister Thea last year and have made me who I am today. I believe parenting and mothering should be much like the act of birth itself - gentle and natural wherever possible. Thanks for stopping by.